Negarestan complex in the exhibition of business, printing and packaging

From January 1 to 4, 1400 exhibitions of printing and packaging, business management, advertising, media and branding were held at the Isfahan International Exhibition. Negarestan printing and packaging collection was also one of the participants in this event.
Few businesses and industries today can be found that do not require printed products and packaging.
The experts and consultants of the collection in this exhibition, as in the past, and according to the mission of the collection to provide advice and guidance to businesses and businesses, focused on this issue and gave free advice to a significant number of dear visitors every day to package products. . In the current situation and considering the multiplicity of products, packaging is one of the most influential and important factors that directly affect sales.

Negarestan Printing and Packaging Group announces its readiness to cooperate with all people, businesses, manufacturers and industries.

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