Offset Convolution

Offset Convolution

Offset printing is a type of printing that returns the text and image to the rubber surface of a rotating cylinder and then prints it on paper by pressing another cylinder. A typical offset printing machine has three cylinders. In offset printing, what is to be printed is first transferred to a metal plate called zinc, then the plate is chemically sensitized so that only the text and images are absorbed by the printing ink. Zinc is wrapped around the first cylinder; Its design is due to the pressure on the rubber cover of the second cylinder.

The white paper that wraps around the third cylinder takes the material from the rubber cover of the second cylinder. The speed of offset printing machines is faster than flat (letter) printing. One of the largest manufacturers of offset printing machines in the world is the German company Heidelberg.

Offset printing is the contrast between water and ink, which is done on the surface of the plate, which is a sheet of aluminum, which is called zinc in offset printing.

The advantages of offset printing in Negarestan printing and packaging complex are the speed and accuracy of the machine, which makes printing work done with your speed and order in high circulations. In this method, water and ink are opposed to each other. The offset printing machine is capable of printing texts and images with the best quality, which is done by adapting the rubber cylinder to the texture of the printing surface, and due to the lack of direct contact between the zinc metal plate and the printing surface, this machine has a longer life than other machines. It has a print. In offset printing, with the use of quality zinc and inks, the number of print jobs can be done up to one million copies, which is more economical in terms of price than digital printing.

Offset printing plays a very important role in the cardboard packaging industry. Production of boxes and packaging in food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, cellulose and … industries.

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